Bitvavo is proud to announce its new partnership with PassiveCrypto!
Bitvavo is proud to announce its new partnership with PassiveCrypto!

With PassiveCrypto you can use automatic strategies to trade your digital assets. Simply connect your Bitvavo API keys and select your strategy. We strive to make digital assets easy to use. Your digital assets will work for you while you are doing your other daily activities. Then just check back on your PassiveCrypto dashboard to review progress or adjust your strategy as needed.


PassiveCrypto offers automated digital asset strategies that are now compatible with Bitvavo. Automatically buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital assets without the stress of doing it yourself.

PassiveCrypto can help traders to achieve their digital asset goals. Traders lead busy lives these days; PassiveCrypto could help you manage one less thing. The benefits for using the automated trading software of PassiveCrypto could be:

  1. All day. All Night.
    PassiveCrypto will automatically trade your account while you’re awake and while you’re asleep. Simple as that.
  2. Smart Balancing
    PassiveCrypto trades all available coins simultaneously based on your selected strategy. Your PassiveCrypto bot will make sure your account is balanced and ready for what comes next. Meanwhile you can walk the dog or get a pizza.
  3. Adaptable
    Pause your account at any time or change your strategy on the go. You remain in control. Set it and forget it style.
  4. Social Trading (coming soon!)
    Soon you’ll be able to see other users’ custom coin indexes and their account performance. If you like what you see just follow the index.

Create a PassiveCrypto account and link it to your Bitvavo account to benefit fully from this new collaboration and find out for yourself how the PassiveCrypto automated trading bot will affect your trading!

Click here to create your PassiveCrypto account now and receive ONE MONTH FREE!

Bitvavo is proud to announce its new partnership with PassiveCrypto!
DexStrats 30 August, 2021
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