New! Profit Hero Signals!
Highly Profitable Cryptohopper Signals!

##### New Signaller: Profit Hero Signals #####

We are excited to announce our new Profit Hero Signals! These signals are available for all exchanges/base currencies/markets. Compared to the Profit Scalping Signals, the Profit Hero Signals are less in frequency, but typically ~4% profit per trade (Currently average profit per trade is 4.21%).

Check the signals out here:

I will adjust our AI Guide in the upcoming days, but if you are running an AI that is exactly as we recommend in the current guide, you can safely and productively have both signals in the AI. If you have a more custom AI that is configured specifically for short-term scalping, then you may want to stick with just the Profit Scalping Signals. Likewise, if you have a custom AI setup that is more configured for longer-term trading, you may want to use just the Profit Hero Signals. 

Please share your results and questions/concerns, we would love to hear any and all feedback. Thanks!

New! Profit Hero Signals!
DexStrats 29 June, 2023
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