VeThor Token (VTHO)

VeChain refers to a blockchain platform that helps to enhance business processes and supply chain management. The VeChain platform has two tokens which include VeThor and VET. Here, we will mainly focus on VeThor Token, its origin, and the price.

What Is VTHO Token?

VeThor token refers to a cryptocurrency token governed by the VeChain public blockchain. It was initiated in 2015. VeChain underwent a rebranding process in the year 2018. VeThor token refers to the VIP-180 Standard, which represents the price of using the VeChain blockchain. The other primary purpose of VeThor Token is to facilitate transactions and processes on the blockchain.

Things That Make VeThor Token Exclusive

The fact that VeThor Token is VIP-180mStandard makes it stand out. It's also unique because it increases the processing speed and has an open-source design that permits the developers to bring their efforts together. VeThor also has meta-transaction features that allow members to perform multi-task transactions and plan multi-party payments. 

Founders of VTHO Token

The CEO and founder of VeChain is Sunny Lu, whose career path has taken some huge turns. He was the IT manager of Bacardi China in 2009. He then moved to the fashion world in 2010 as the CIO of Louis Vuitton Greater China. In 2015, he bore the idea of initiating a company called VeChain. VeChain was at first a subsidiary of Bitse, one of the biggest blockchain powerhouses in China. The 2018 rebranding led to the formation of the VeThor token and VeChainThor blockchain. 

VeThor Token Coins That Are in Circulation

VTHO token is directly obtained from VeChain Token. A token of VeThor gets created for each VeChain token added during the processing of the transaction. So, for every VeChain token per block, 0.00000005 VTHO gets generated. The highest number of VeChain token supply is around 86,712,634,466 tokens. Around 74% of these tokens are available for supply. The VeThor supply is a bit low in that it’s at around 31,946,532,533 tokens. 

Where You Can Buy VeThor Token

Binance is the platform with a high VTHO/USD trading volume, which stands at $1,016,992. The site that follows is MXC.COM, which has a volume of around $986,646. The third site on the list is Bitvavo, and it has a volume of about $365,399. Consider buying your VTHO tokens on these three sites directly using fiats money. 

How the VeThor Token Network Gets Secured

The VTHO network is solely dependent on a PoA (proof-of-identity) mechanism. This permits the platform to validate the transactions quite fast. The Ethereum Virtual machine greatly influences the blockchain. The VeChain public blockchain also uses major concepts of the Ethereum blockchain, but it is not created on Ethereum.

The consensus of PoA is dependent on Authority Masternode (AM) approval. AM must build a reputation and disclose its identity before approval by the VeChain Foundation. VTHO tokens are versatile, meaning you can store them in cold and hot cryptocurrency wallets. 

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