Apply Now for the Fall 2021 Edition of the Binance Incubation Program

Binance Labs is excited to accept Fall 2021 applications for its Incubation Program, which showcases the most promising blockchain projects and BUIDLers worldwide. From projects on Binance Smart Chain and DeFi to trading infrastructure, Binance Labs looks for innovative projects to increase mainstream crypto adoption around the world—find out what’s new in the latest program and apply today! 

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Binance Labs, the venture arm and incubator of Binance, is once again on the lookout for the brightest minds and the most promising projects in the blockchain space. Join the Fall 2021 season of the Binance Labs Incubation Program!

Apply for the Binance Labs Incubation Program

What’s New for Fall 2021?

For this season of the Binance Labs Incubation Program, we are looking for fast-executing projects to support. Although Binance Labs has a comprehensive scope of focus, we have identified key industries and areas for Fall 2021 applicants:

  • Consumer-facing dApps

  • Payment & remittance solutions

  • Social trading

  • DeFi applications 

  • Scaling solutions

  • Gaming

  • NFT

  • DAO governance

  • Social network

  • Mining optimization & solutions 

  • Algorithmic stablecoin solutions. 

This year we would also like to extend our call for applications to exchange infrastructure projects such as KYC products and technology, new on-chain analytic products and technology in addition to secured/encrypted SMS/email delivery solutions. 

We believe these projects can optimize the exchange infrastructure and help improve user experience worldwide. 

From now until August 18, 2021, we’ll be screening applications and accepting projects on a rolling basis for the incubation program. Right from the outset, accepted startups will receive advisory support, funding and resources from Binance Labs. Founders and teams who are selected for the program will be invited to a 10-week online program, running from September to November. More details will be disclosed to the selected projects.

Unlock Game-Changing Advantages for Your Startup

We accelerate blockchain founders and projects to discover their product-market fit, providing a competitive advantage with our unique set of resources.  

- Seed Investment. Incubation program participants will receive seed funding, providing founders with initial funding and traction so they can focus on growing their company. The valuation of accepted projects can be up to a maximum of US$3M.

- Mentorship. We connect founders to business leaders from Binance who have a wide range of expertise from tokenomics and blockchain infrastructure tech to startup operations, helping founders navigate and develop strong relationships within the Binance ecosystem.   

- Extensive Network. Startups will be introduced to our diverse network of industry leaders, giving you the opportunity to create meaningful connections.

- Holistic Support. We go above and beyond for the startups we take under our wing. We provide support for many facets of how a startup works, including formation, regulatory/legal advice, recruiting, technical execution, fundraising, marketing/PR, etc.

Success Stories from the Previous Seasons

Over the past two seasons of the Binance Labs Incubation Program, we have consistently identified talented and high-potential blockchain founders and teams worldwide. Our roster of startups has drawn extensive interest from leading investors and global funds, many of which also serve as mentors and advisors for the incubation participants. 

Startups that have successfully graduated have proceeded to take significant steps toward growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem and furthering adoption through product launches and notable funding rounds. Here are some success stories from our previous incubation program graduates:  

- Cere Network is an enterprise-facing decentralised data and finance cloud platform. Cere Network recently completed its public token offering on Republic, acquiring full subscriptions with over $26M investment commitments within 35 minutes. 

- Injective Protocol is a highly parameterizable DeFi protocol that supports an array of derivatives such as CFDs and swaps. Its initiatives include an open-source exchange infrastructure, the Injective Chain and a decentralized peer-to-peer futures protocol. It’s INJ token currently has a market capitalization of $180M.

- Perpetual Protocol is the developer of a virtualized liquidity pool that is determined algorithmically and enables liquidity for markets with no makers. Its PERP token currently has a market capitalization of $162M.

- SafePal is the creator of SafePal S1, a secure and affordable hardware wallet. SafePal launched its SFP token on Binance launchpad with a current market capitalization of $73M and over 500k wallet accounts. 

- Dune Analytics is a free and popular Ethereum analytics platform that allows users and projects to query and visualize data. Dune Analytics has also raised funding from Dragonfly Capital and other investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research and Digital Currency Group.

- Marlin Protocol is a layer-0 open protocol that provides a high-performance programmable network infrastructure, enabling developments such as low-latency block multicast, mesh networks and anonymity networks. Its POND token currently has a market capitalization of $45M.

- PhishFort is a leading anti-phishing and brand protection solutions provider that collaborates with Brave Browser to detect crypto scams and suspicious domains for the in-browser crypto wallets. 

- Tellor is a decentralized and secure oracle which allows DeFi and dApps to receive high-value data for smart contract executions. Its TRB token currently has a market capitalization of $65M.

Binance Labs was created to empower the next generation of BUIDLers and nurture adoption and innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our incubation program supports early-stage projects in finding product-market fit and growing traction. We continue to be inspired every day by the talented founders and teams worldwide and we can’t wait to see what Fall 2021 brings.

Apply to join the Binance Labs Incubation Program today.

Apply Now for the Fall 2021 Edition of the Binance Incubation Program
DexStrats 22 July, 2021
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