Binance Broker Spotlight: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Binance to Grow Their Own Platforms

Binance Broker Spotlight: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Binance to Grow Their Own PlatformsCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Since its inception in September 2019, the Binance Broker program has empowered 570 partners across more than 30 countries to grow their own platforms through the power of Binance’s market-leading crypto exchange.

The Binance Broker program offers many advantages to its partners:

  1. Diversity. The Binance Broker program works with many kinds of businesses, including exchanges, trading bots, trading aggregators, digital wallets, trending software solutions, financial management custodians, payment channels, and more. We have also started offering the Binance Widget as a brokerage solution for more online platforms.

  2. Flexibility. Our broker partners gain access to a wide array of crypto trading and financial services, including spot, margin, and derivatives trading, as well as crypto savings offerings, liquid swap platforms, referral programs, and more.

  3. Extensive Services. The Binance Broker program does not only offer access to Binance’s crypto products but also handles support for clients’ more advanced needs, such as upgraded crypto trading services, order matching, account management, and API-powered settlement systems, among others.

Today, we share stories from three of our broker partners. They demonstrate how the Binance Broker program offers diverse, personalized solutions that helped them gain more business.

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CryptoPotato (Widget Broker): “Very natural for us to partner with Binance.” is a major Bitcoin and crypto news platform, established in early 2016 as one of the first crypto-dedicated publications. The website started working with Binance while it was looking for a way to offer its readers a way to buy crypto while visiting its platform.

“We defined UI/UX and trust as the most important keys for choosing our partner. It was very natural that we will look to partner with Binance on this,” said CryptoPotato. “When the users recognize the Binance logo, they feel more convenient to use the service, even on a third-party platform.”

CryptoPotato currently features the Binance Widget, which gives users a way to buy crypto from Binance through third-party websites. The news website’s owners say that the widget satisfies its visitors' needs, and they have high hopes for crypto in general in the future.

“We still think this is the beginning, and the crypto space has yet a long way to go, as the adoption only at its early stage. We are in the middle of this crazy 2020-2021 bull-run, which naturally will drive a lot of newbies into the crypto space. It's crucial to guide them thoroughly since 'being your own bank' carries many risks,” CryptoPotato stated.

CScalp Development Team: “Binance is attentive to its brokers.”

CScalp is a free platform for professional scalping and intraday trading with more than 4,000 traders daily. These users make quick trades daily, often within minutes, have many monitors, and simultaneously track dozens of liquid instruments, such as stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies. When Binance Futures launched , the team behind CScalp saw it as an ideal instrument for its customers and moved quickly to work with the Binance Broker program. As a result, they began attracting stock traders to crypto trading.

“We decided to become a Binance broker because we believed that Binance was moving in the right direction. We thought that Binance products would attract traders from stock exchanges, and we were right,” said Cscalp. “Previously, traders said that cryptocurrency exchanges are not competitors to stock exchanges. That's changing now. Many users come to us because they want Binance.”

This year, CScalp's turnover on Binance grew to $1.2 billion per month. But beyond the numbers, CScalp appreciated Binance’s level of service when it comes to brokers. “Many exchanges did not believe in our business model, Binance believed and allowed us to participate in brokerage programs and promotions. This is very important for us. We appreciate that Binance is attentive to its brokers, which is why we are with Binance,” the CScalp team said.

Moving forward, CScalp is planning to develop communities in English, Chinese, and Spanish, expanding from its mainly Russian-speaking user base. The CScalp team is bullish about crypto this year, saying, “We look at the industry as scalpers. We are waiting for the mass tokenization of assets and the emergence of official digital currencies, which will bring new participants, new exchange instruments, and new capital to the market. Liquidity will grow. The profit of the entire market will increase, which means that our user count will also increase.”

Cryptorg: Exchange Broker. “We didn't even consider other options.”

Cryptorg is an automated trading platform that reaches various cryptocurrency exchanges. It prides itself on being a convenient interface for creating and configuring trading bots. When it was looking for potential crypto exchanges to work with, Cryptorg identified Binance as the ideal partner. “Binance is the market leader in many ways. Strong liquidity is important to us, as well as the presence of futures trading and also the possibility of Russian-language support. We found all this in Binance.”

With the help of the Binance Broker program, Cryptorg was able to develop new bots for Binance Futures, which were launched in September 2020. “This is our best development so far. You can even work in a semi-automatic mode, open orders manually, and the bot itself will rearrange the take profit,” according to the company.

Cryptorg also shared how its collaboration with Binance Broker is going. “We talked with Binance managers for a long time and offered various ideas. As soon as the opportunity to participate in the brokerage program appeared, we immediately submitted an application and it was approved. Then we built the infrastructure and made new trading terminals for another half a year. And only then did the full-fledged work begin. We didn't even consider other options as we wanted to work with Binance.”

Get in and start your Brokerage now. Apply here to be a Binance Broker Partner . We also have a new benefits system for brokers, especially API brokers.

Binance Broker Spotlight: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Binance to Grow Their Own PlatformsCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Binance Broker Spotlight: How Entrepreneurs Leverage Binance to Grow Their Own Platforms
DexStrats 13 August, 2021
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