Binance Broker’s Bonus Activity for December

In order to encourage and empower our brokers, we are planing this extra bonus program for December. Excellent brokers could earn up to 50% on futures commission.

Binance Broker’s Bonus Activity for DecemberCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Activity Period : 2020/12/01 - 2020/12/31

Rules: Brokers who invite users to register on Binance during the activity are eligible. Users recharge any assets (already listed assets) from exchanges or wallets other than Binance, and trade at least $10,000 USDT-margined futures via the broker, and the broker can obtain additional commissions for these users USDT-margined futures.

Number of eligible new users during the event

Base rebate

Extra rebate

Total rebate










  • The extra rebate is valid until December 31, 2020, and the rebate will be issued to your broker's account in the first half of January 2020.

  • Effective new users mean users who register during the event, recharge assets, and trade at least $10,000 in total.

  • Any recharge of assets: All recharges of assets must come from exchanges or wallets other than Binance. We will not count Binance internal transfers.

  • Clients with extra rebates will not include in the statistical scope of the monthly bonus program for Usdt-margined futures.

  • Sub-accounts are not included in the scope of this activity.

  • During the event, if there is any fraudulent behavior such as malicious swiping, batch registration of trumpets, self-purchasing, and self-selling, Binance will strictly review and have the right to cancel the qualification and reclaim the event rewards;

  • The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Binance.

Join the Binance Broker Program

Leverage Binance’s leading liquidity, market depth, wallet system, security infrastructure, and personalized marketing support, so you can focus on delivering maximum value to your users.

We offer:

  • Order matching engine

  • Spot, Futures, Savings, Bswap, and so on

    • More than 800 Spot trading pairs: Enjoy the market's fastest listing quality and speed, the best liquidity and market depth, and the lowest cost to bring a high-quality trading experience to your users.

    • Margin: Together with Binance, it empowers your customers to use small funds to leverage big profits. The leverage of up to 125 times helps you reduce risks while keeping users' attention.

    • More than 70 USDT-Margined Futures trading pairs : USDT-margined futures without expiry dates and up to 125x leverage. The most popular and easy-to-use futures product, without the need to build a complicated back-end system, the Binance broker program will help you build a complete futures trading system for users.

    • More than 20 COIN-Margined Futures trading pairs: Coin-margined futures with and without expiry dates and up to 125x leverage. A rich futures product line helps you reduce costs and expand your business scope.

    • Leverage tokens: Help your users gain increased leveraged exposure and multiply daily returns.

  • Binance wallet system

  • Trade settlement system

Brokers’ Benefits

Exclusive benefits

- Share up to 50% of the commission

- Participate in the broker's monthly bonus plan

- Broker marketing campaign support

- Regular interviews with PR

Dedicated customer service

- One-to-one transaction support

- Higher API frequency support

- Faster ticket resolution

- Exclusive research reports

Exclusive courtesy

- Binance VIP+1 experience

- Binance Conference priority participation

- Limited-edition holiday gifts

- Limited-edition Binance items

Apply to become a Binance broker and enjoy more privileges.

Binance Broker’s Bonus Activity for December
DexStrats 13 August, 2021
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