Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali

Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali


Since his introduction to Binance, Andrea Speziali, an acclaimed art expert, is determined to make his mark on the NFT world. From behind the scenes of his NFT journey, Speziali opens up about art’s shifting direction, his thoughts on Binance NFT, his latest collection and what NFT means for the future of art.

Main Takeaway

  • Take a behind the scenes look at Andrea Speziali’s NFT journey in this exclusive interview with Binance NFT.

  • From a career that started in art nouveau to creating a digital NFT mosaic of 500,000 images chronicling his life, Speziali has opened a new chapter in his art career—a newfound interest and passion for NFTs

  • Discover Speziali’s latest NFT collection, featuring the work of legendary Futurist artist, Umberto Boccioni.

Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Born in 1988 in the vibrant town of Riccioni, Italy, Andrea Speziali’s long list of accomplishments speaks for itself. As an art critic, Speziali has been hailed as the next Vittorio Sgarbi—one of the greatest art critics of this generation—and as an artist, his work has been displayed by the likes of Art Biennale, an acclaimed art organization based in Venice.

Speziali was first introduced to the wonders of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by his close friend, Marco Pellizzato, or as he puts it, Pellizzato “opened his eyes.” Living by the saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Speziali is in search of a new challenge, bringing his talents to an emerging industry ripe for opportunities. We had the honor to sit down with Speziali to chat about the current state of his NFT journey, his thoughts on Binance NFT and what the future holds for the art industry.

Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

The NFT Journey

Since embarking on this new path, Speziali has quickly made a name for himself in the world of digital collectibles. His highly anticipated NFT project received media coverage on Italian and worldwide TV stations. The artwork, a mosaic of 500,000 images chronicling his life, was born out of Speziali’s desire to have a place in the Guinness World Records. The artist gathered images he had published over the course of many years on Flickr, which he had almost deleted, to piece together “My Life”—an artwork that recounts the places he’s visited and moments he’s lived through until now. These images include drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations as well as video frames, poems, confidential documents and more subjects he has yet to reveal.

Only in his early thirties, Speziali has already published over twelve monographs, curated around thirty art exhibitions and held around hundred conferences. However, success and media presence also leads to criticism. With editors and loyal sponsors who highly regard him as a “rebellious genius” and a “madman of great culture”, comes what Speziali terms “mammoths” who denigrate the new and evolving world, and the change and trends it entails. Not afraid to challenge the status quo, Speziali is prepared to dazzle with another performance—the burning of a canvas by Umberto Boccioni. With the permission of its owner, Speziali decided to photograph the piece and sell it as an NFT in a “Mystery Box’’, with the person winning the auction having the honor of discovering this futurist masterpiece.

The Next Masterpiece: Umberto Boccioni

Launching September 6 on the Binance NFT marketplace, Andrea Speziali’s latest collection will feature Umberto Boccioni, the futurism pioneer, and his unreleased masterpiece. Dated around 1914 in oil on canvas (size 29.5x37.5 cm), Boccioni’s portrait comes from a private collection, located in Veneto, that belongs to the heir of Neri Pozza, the piece’s original publisher. The features of the portrait have been attributed to a fellow Futurism master, Gino Severini, who was known for his iconic monocle.

How Does The Binance NFT Marketplace Empower Creators?

Since its launch, the Binance NFT marketplace has provided a seamless platform for creators worldwide, from the unknown to the accomplished. Spezialia has trained an ever-expanding cadre of “new artists,” many of whom were largely ignored by the traditional art world, to establish themselves on the Binance NFT marketplace.

“On the Binance NFT marketplace, I have met so many new artists who hide their identity through a username and channel themselves in the proper direction of being an artist, one who escapes from everyday life, transforming into creators of unique masterpieces, whether digital, pictorial or sculptural.”

Binance NFT’s new wave of artists is creating art that connects to an increasingly attentive and growing audience of Gen-Zs and millennials. From music and sculptures to drawings, graphic design and more, Binance gives artists from all backgrounds a digital platform to showcase their work. Speziali believes this is something that the “dinosaur lovers of ancient art will soon discover as the beginning of a new era.”

Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

What Does The Future Hold For NFTs?

Speziali’s passion for NFT is evident in his beliefs and creations. In fact, he told us on the day of our interview, he, ironically, decided to remove every physical piece of artwork in his house, replacing each empty frame with a blank piece of paper containing the NFT token number. The intent? A symbolic move in his journey to adapt to a new world. According to Speziali, Blessed are those who have bought patents or registered trademarks' because NFTs are the future.

“In a world where architects are designing increasingly smaller spaces, there’s less room to hang pieces of art. A physical piece of work generates numerous anxieties for the owner, including the fear of theft, and, especially in today’s ‘fluid’ world, the loss of “magical value” from when you first bought it. So I’m starting to believe more in a wallet of NFTs than a house full of paintings.

NFTS have undeniably opened doors to a new era for artists, but how has it impacted the traditional art world?

While Christies brought NFTs to the mainstream through Beeple’s record-breaking auction, it brought up an important question for Speziali, who asked, “what will be the fate of traditional art that has become fixed in the collective imagination of sculptures, drawings and installations?” Furthermore, where will galleries and auction houses stand amongst marketplaces, like Binance NFT, that provide a platform for creators to operate on their own terms? Only time will tell.

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Binance NFT Artist Spotlight: Andrea Speziali
DexStrats 6 September, 2021
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