Binance NFT Milestones: The New NFT Gaming ‘Launchpad’ With Over 300,000 Mystery Boxes Sold

In a little over  a month after its debut, Binance NFT, the official NFT marketplace of Binance, has raked in 25 million BUSD in sales and onboarded 400 creators worldwide, becoming one of the fastest growing NFT platforms . Learn more about the Binance NFT metaverse, from Game-fi to mystery boxes and premium events, and it’s rapid growth in this article.

Binance NFT Milestones: The New NFT Gaming ‘Launchpad’ With Over 300,000 Mystery Boxes SoldCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Since its launch on June 24, Binance NFT has featured the works of regional creators, influential names and brands, exclusive ‘Premium Event’ auctions and NFT mystery boxes

In a little over a month after its launch, Binance NFT has raked in 25 million BUSD in sales, onboarded 400 creators worldwide and sold over 300,000 mystery boxes, the majority of which sold out in seconds! Check out some of the record-breaking milestones we’ve achieved and take a deep dive into the Binance NFT metaverse, from NFT gaming to mystery boxes and exclusive premium events with top artists and celebrities.

Binance NFT, The New NFT Gaming ‘Launchpad’

Binance NFT is the first and only NFT marketplace to launch the Mystery Boxfeature, providing users an opportunity to receive NFTs of different rarity levels with an element of gamification and surprise. At Binance, we believe buying NFTs is more than a transaction, but an experience that should stimulate and engage users. With the rise of ‘Game-fi’, Binance NFT is on the way to becoming the ‘Launchpad’ for top Gamefi and traditional video game companies looking to ‘NFTlize’ their content.

Out of all the mystery box drops on Binance NFT, our Game-fi Mystery Box collections have performed the best by far. In fact, Binance NFT strives to empower the gaming space with ‘Mystery Boxes’ that give users complete ownership over unique NFT in-game assets that they can use across different gaming ecosystems. Check out some of the top-performing gaming mystery boxes that we launched exclusively on Binance NFT:

  • Midsummer with Alice NFT Collection sold out 38,000 Mystery Boxes in 1 second with a total sale of 380,000 BUSD. Users can use their NFT to redeem in-game cosmetics in the world of My Neighbor Alice and their minigame, Alice's Mysterious Seed.

  • The Big Time’s Founder Sale sold out 5,500 Mystery Boxes in 1 second, with a total value of 55,000 BUSD. In addition to in-game assets, the mystery boxes included VIP entrance tickets, granting users early access to the game.

Other popular Mystery Box collections include Big IP/ artists-backed collectible NFTs:

  • Tokidoki’ Mystery Box collection sold out 120,000 boxes in seconds. The limited edition of SSR Golden BNB Dragon Unicorn NFT, is now worth 88,000 BUSD, which is 4,400 times the original price. The first Mystery Box collection ended with sales of 3 million BUSD! 

  • The OG Esports Collection sold out more than 3,000 Mystery Boxes in a record of 3 seconds. 

  • Binance’s 4th year Anniversary: When Binance Meets Orlinski NFT Collection sold a total of 22,951 Mystery Boxes in the first hour, with a value of around 460,000 BUSD.

Empowering The NFT Community with Global Creators & Brands

In addition to the gaming space, Binance NFT’s vision is to become the most compelling metaverse of NFT content, providing one-of-a-kind offerings and exclusive collaborations. Committed to creating an inclusive and empowered NFT community, Binance NFT provides a platform for creators worldwide through Premium Event collections and a thriving NFT Marketplace. 

Premium Events

Premium Events on Binance NFT spotlight NFT collections, exclusive collaborations and hype-worthy exhibitions by global influential names and brands, from digital artists and musicians to athletes and celebrities. 

  • The Genesis Premium Auction featured iconic artworks from Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, including an art piece that sold at 2,800,000 BUSD.

  • ‘Return of Legends S1’ featured top soccer superstars Michael Owen, Rivaldo, and Gutti, creating the ultimate soccer NFT metaverse.

  • This Premium Event Bit Has Memories brings together the top 9 OG NFT artists such as Krista Kim, Ali Sabet and Kefan404, A. L. Crego, Joseba Elorza, Twisted Vacancy, Ondrej Zunka, Codedcrypt, and Gene Kogan 


Since its launch, Binance NFT marketplace has been dedicated to onboarding global creators, innovative NFT projects and well-renowned celebrities. The marketplace has continued to display strong growing momentum, achieving new milestones almost every week, thanks in large part to a diversified group of creators and the unique NFTs they create.

  • Through the 100 Creators Program and Innovative Creators Program, Binance NFT has built a global creators’ network, with more than 100 active creators uploading NFT artwork on our marketplace.

  • Alex Gross, Pokras Lampashave and Red Hong Yi are some of the hottest creators on our marketplace, releasing pieces that sold out instantly.

  • We also launched a golden ticket NFT drop with Phil Ivey, the GOAT of Texas Poker, bringing new NFT utility and experience to collectors.

  • Sola Aoi, a popular Japanese idol and celebrity sold out all her NFTs in less than a minute. In addition, her auction piece sold at $31,000 USD, 3 times the original price

  • At the end of July, the total weekly trading volume exceeded the highest trading volume by almost fourfold, reaching 1.5 million USD

Coming Soon

Upcoming Premium Events include NFT collections from Maye Musk, Estar Pro Esports, Hermitage Museum NFT Collection and more. Users can also look forward to deposit or withdraw NFTs on Binance NFT Marketplace in the near future!

Binance NFT Milestones: The New NFT Gaming ‘Launchpad’ With Over 300,000 Mystery Boxes SoldCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Existing users can use their account to access, browse and trade on the NFT marketplace. If you're new to NFTs, you can sign up for a Binance account to start your journey on Binance NFT. 

Binance NFT Milestones: The New NFT Gaming ‘Launchpad’ With Over 300,000 Mystery Boxes Sold
DexStrats 16 August, 2021
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