“Build to the Moon” Concert Experience: 4th Anniversary Event Revealed

Celebrate #BinanceTurns4 with an otherworldly concert experience taking place on July 14, from 1-4 PM (UTC). Open exclusively to Binance users, “Build to the Moon” will feature unforgettable performances from some of the biggest names in music. Find out how you can reserve your spot and watch live!  

“Build to the Moon” Concert Experience: 4th Anniversary Event Revealed Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Buckle up for the concert experience of a lifetime, streaming live on July 14

Celebrate 4 years of Binance with our first-ever “Build to the Moon'' concert experience. Join Binance users from around the world in this exclusive online event, available only to registered Binance users. 

We invite you to watch some of the biggest names in music perform on an immersive virtual stage. The best part? You’ll get to enjoy front row seats to the three hour event from the comfort of your web browser. In addition to headliner performances, expect first-class giveaways, high flying swag, special announcements, the return of our annual Binance Awards and much more. 



Event Highlights

  • Live Performances from Superstar Musicians. Achieve liftoff with an amazing lineup of chart-topping, world-renowned musicians. 

  • AMA with Binance Founder & CEO, CZ. Get your top questions answered during our Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) segment, hosted by CZ. 

  • Join Our Red Carpet Awards Show. Our signature awards show is back! Discover the top nominees and winners of our 2021 Binance Awards. 

  • Engage with Groundbreaking Art. Explore artwork from famous NFT artists and unique installations during the live concert experience. 

  • Limited Edition Swag. Next Level Prizes. This is your chance to take home exclusive Binance merch and win out of this world prizes. 

Concert Lineup (Coming Soon!)  

We can’t wait to reveal our full lineup of musicians. Check back in coming days as we release the roster of headliner acts along with a live host you know and love. 

Prepare for liftoff on July 14, starting at 1 PM (UTC)! 

See you at the show! The livestream will be available in English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish—along with additional language support that may be announced at a later date. 

Remember, the “Build to the Moon” concert experience is open ONLY to registered Binance users. There’s still time to sign up—click the link below and add the event to your calendar. 


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“Build to the Moon” Concert Experience: 4th Anniversary Event Revealed
DexStrats 2 July, 2021
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