From Crypto Newbie to NFT Extraordinaire: Life as a Binance Angel

Binance Angels lead some of the world’s largest and most passionate crypto communities. Hear from Sen, an active community leader since 2020, on how he became a top-selling NFT artist on Binance NFT. Learn what it means to be a Binance Angel and how you can join the program. 

From Crypto Newbie to NFT Extraordinaire: Life as a Binance AngelCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Binance Angels are passionate volunteers from within our community who support our platform and help address questions and concerns from everyday users. Not only do Binance Angels come from all walks of life, but they are community builders who give a voice to the communities they lead. 

At Binance, we are focused on delivering the best possible customer experience, and our Angels play an essential role in acting as a bridge between Binance and our users. Hear from Sen, an active Angel who represents our French-speaking community. 

Meet Sen: Binance Angel and Successful NFT Artist

When Binance arrived in 2017, it was clearly ahead of the competition both in execution speed and usability. At that moment, I knew I was looking at the future industry leader, and in less than a year, time proved me right. 

After I heard about the Binance Angel Program from a live broadcast on the Binance Youtube channel, I immediately applied since it was a dream to help this company that I have so much passion for. In mid 2020, my wish came true and I officially joined the team to help newcomers start their journey in the world of crypto!  

In addition to giving, I have received a lot through this program. The Angel program has been an amazing avenue to meet like-minded people who are driven by the same passion for blockchain. 

Forming Lifelong Friendships Through The Binance Angel Program

Beyond the professional relationships, I’ve also formed life-long friendships. In addition to the diverse roster of Angels in the global program, there’s also a close-knit group of Binance Angels who look after the French community, where we can all count on one another. 

Because of Binance Smart Chain’s simplicity, scalability and low fees, a strong group was necessary to manage the large influx of new users who were curious to learn more about this new alternative to traditional finance investments. The complexities within DeFi also motivated me to launch a project that outlines all the BSC DApps, making them more accessible to the French-speaking community.

Discovering the NFT Community Through Binance NFT

One thing led to another, and I discovered a passion for art and its different modes of expression, including NFTs and 3D animation. Some people see NFTs as a tool for speculation or artistic expression, but I see it as the pinnacle of freedom of expression. A freedom that is easily accessible and without barriers. 

In order to share this collection with as many people as possible and raise awareness about NFTs, I decided to join Binance NFT to take advantage of the platform’s large in-built audience.

Since I joined Binance NFT, I have created 122 NFTs in total, with 86 of them having sold already. In addition, I have several NFT series in progress, and create incremental versions to ensure more people have a chance to own these artworks.

Through Binance NFT, I’m able to meet with other artists in the NFT community. So far, I’m satisfied with the launch of the NFT platform, though there are some pending technical features that will be implemented soon. Luckily, Binance has been listening closely to creators as well as users, so there’s a lot of potential for additional growth. 

What Are The Perks of Being a Binance Angel?

  • Get exclusive invites to Binance events, either as a VIP guest or organiser.

  • Meet and work alongside the Binance team.

  • Attend behind-the-scenes meetings only for Binance Angels and team members.

  • Test drive new features and give direct feedback and suggestions to the Binance team. 

  • Receive limited-edition swag, gifts and prizes exclusive to Binance Angels. 

What Do Binance Angels Do? 

As an Angel, you're tasked with helping maintain and grow Binance. At the moment we need help in the following areas:

  • Helping new users onboard and navigate the Binance ecosystem

  • Engage with users to address their questions and concerns

  • Test and give feedback on beta features

  • Help organize online and offline events and meetings with the Binance community.

  • Help maintain and moderate Binance’s online and offline communities.

  • Help translate and proofread Binance content. 

  • Provide Binance with market feedback and suggestions that will help us improve our services and grow. 

How Do I Become a Binance Angel? 

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, a first-time or long-time supporter, you can all contribute something to the ecosystem! All you have to do is sign up for the Binance Angel volunteer program. 

The volunteers who participate in this program are essential to helping us run our different social channels. Since every individual is unique, we'll help place you into a team that suits your skills best.

Our Angel program is also a good way to learn and improve in many different areas. Beyond meeting people, you’ll learn to understand the needs of the community and how you can make an impact in the blockchain industry.

Follow Binance on Twitter or Facebook for more information.

From Crypto Newbie to NFT Extraordinaire: Life as a Binance Angel
DexStrats 6 August, 2021
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