This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021

This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021


In today’s edition of This Week at Binance (Aug 13 - 20, 2021): We celebrated Binance NFT’s new milestones, strengthened our compliance team with a new cybercrime expert, wrapped up our first responsible trading webinar and shared a heroic story from our French-speaking Binance community.

This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Fellow Binancians,

Back to school is around the corner! In the spirit of learning, remember to sign up for our responsible trading summer camp. If you missed the first webinar, we’ll be hosting two more webinars next week, giving you an opportunity to learn how to grow and safeguard your crypto journey. Now let’s get into this week’s crypto market recap.

This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Weekly Market Recap

This week we saw the total crypto market cap increase 17%, from $1.82T on Aug 13 to $2.13T at the time of writing.

Bitcoin (BTC) increased from ~$44,148 to a weekly high of ~$48,501 on Aug 20 . BTC currently trades at ~$49,890 as of writing.

During the same period, Ethereum (ETH) increased from ~$2,994 to a weekly high of ~$3,320 on Aug 16 . ETH currently trades at ~$3,269 as of writing.

This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

1. Binance NFT announces new milestones

In a little over a month after its launch, Binance NFT has raked in 25 million BUSD in sales, onboarded 400 creators worldwide and sold over 300,000 mystery boxes. Check out some of the other milestones we’ve achieved and take a deep dive into the Binance NFT metaverse, from NFT gaming to mystery boxes and exclusive premium events with top artists and celebrities.

Learn more about Binance NFT’s new milestones

2. Sign up for Responsible Trading Summer Camp Webinar #2

Thank you to everyone who tuned in! On Friday August 20, crypto traders and first-time users alike came together for an exclusive webinar on trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like a pro. If you missed the first event, we’ve got two more webinars planned for next week. Our second webinar goes live on August 24, 4 PM (UTC), and you’ll get an opportunity to learn how to grow, manage and build your crypto portfolio from scratch.

RSVP for webinar #2.

3. Binance hires US cybercrime expert for money laundering role

At Binance, we maintain a strong culture of putting our users first, providing industry-leading crypto products, and most importantly, creating a safe and secure crypto ecosystem for the world. Our latest hire, Greg Monahan, a former US Treasury Criminal Investigator, joins our team as a Global Money Laundering Reporting Officer.  From leading international investigations to taking down notorious cybercriminals and terrorist organizations, Mr. Monahan’s AML and investigations experience will most certainly leave an imprint on Binance and the crypto industry as a whole.

Learn more about Greg Monahan’s experience and background

This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

4. Learn how Binance Angels recovered $98,000 in crypto for a user

Read Damien’s story, a nightmare all crypto users dread, and how the Binance Angels recently recovered the equivalent of 98,000 USDC transferred to the wrong network address. Learn more about the BNB Pioneer Program, an initiative designed to help users recover funds in emergency cases like Damien’s, and the different scenarios in which users are eligible to recover lost funds. It may help you one day!

Read Damien’s story and learn more about the Binance Angels

What’s Ticking on The Exchange?

New listings this week:

  • MOBOX (MBOX): MBOX is the native utility token for MOBOX, a GameFi platform that combines automated DeFi yield farming and gaming NFTs.

Binance Launchpool:

  • MOBOX (MBOX): Starting from August 20, stake your BNB, MBOX and BUSD into separate pools to farm MBOX tokens over 30 days. ( Read more )

New Trading Pairs:

  • August 13, 2021: ORN/BUSD, QUICK/USDT, TLM/TRY ( Read more )

  • August 20, 2021: FIS/BRL, FOR/USDT, GHST/USDT, REQ/USDT, TRU/RUB ( Read more )

This Week’s Activities:

Global Binance activities

  • $500,00 in QTUM up for grabs. Achieve a certain trading volume in qualified QTUM spot/margin pairs to participate in our $500,000 QTUM prize pool. Promotion ends Aug 24. ( Read more )

  • $50,000 in DEGO up for grabs . Achieve a certain trading volume for qualified DEGO spot/margin pairs to participate in our $50,000 DEGO prize pool. Promotion ends Aug 26. ( Read more )

  • Enjoy a special maker fee for USD on Binance P2P. All eligible makers who post new USDT , BUSD , BTC , ETH , BNB and DAI ads with fiat USD pairs will enjoy a special maker fee of 0.1% for every successful trade. Promotion ends Aug 31 ( Read more )

  • Trade with BUSD and get rewards. VIP 0 & VIP 1 users who achieve a first-time deposit of at least 300 BUSD to their futures wallet, and trade a minimum of 10,000 BUSD during the campaign period will be eligible to share a prize pool of 100,000 BUSD futures trading vouchers. Campaign period ends Sep 7. ( Read more )

  • Enjoy 33.52% APY on FARM and share 30,000 BUSD. Stake your FARM starting from 2021-08-19 at 12:00 PM (UTC) to earn multiple rewards. ( Read more )

Regional exclusives:

  • LATAM Special: Buy crypto and win a share of $10,500 in AXS. Promotion ends Aug 22. ( Read more )

  • Raksha Bandhan Special: Trade with INR and win Binance gift cards. Promotion ends Aug 23. ( Read more )

  • SEA Special: Enjoy 0 maker fees for all BUSD and BIDR pairs. Promotion ends Aug 31. ( Read more )

  • Venezuela Special: Invite friends, enjoy 50% referral bonuses and a chance to share 10,000 BUSD. Promotion ends Sep 17. ( Read more )

Other Bits to Consider

  • Binance P2P will delist 14 DAI trading pairs. Binance P2P has removed and ceased trading for: DAI/SGD, DAI/PHP, DAI/LAK, DAI/VND, DAI/IDR, DAI/JPY, DAI/NZD, DAI/KRW, DAI/MNT, DAI/MYR, DAI/MMK, DAI/KHR, DAI/HKD, DAI/TWD. Please contact customer support if you’re having any issues. ( Read more )

  • Binance will delist SNGLS & VIA on August 26, 2021. Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to remove SNGLS/BTC and VIA/BTC. Withdrawals of these assets will continue to be supported until the removal date. ( Read more )

  • Restricting of Derivatives Products Offerings in Australia. Effective immediately, users from Australia will be restricted from opening new accounts for options, margin products, and leveraged tokens. ( Read more )

  • Enjoy up to 60% APY on IOTX, UFT and VITE . We’ve added new assets to Savings on Binance Earn. Remember, subscription for a coin closes once the maximum limit is reached.

  • New P2P payment methods for African countries. Buy and sell crypto in Africa with minimal fees using Moov Money, Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money and Tigo Money. ( Read more )

  • Binance Liquid Swap adds 3 new liquidity pools. We’ve added support for XVS and opened three new liquidity pools: AVA /USDT, XVS/USDT, XVS/BTC.

  • New fiat currencies added to Binance P2P. Trade Tanzanian Shillings (TZS), Rwandan Francs (RWF) and CFA Francs (XOF and XAF) on the Binance P2P trading platform. ( Read more )

  • Learn the importance of crypto-derivative markets. An essential component of the crypto industry, derivatives allow investors to diversify and gain exposure to certain coins, safeguard their portfolio from extreme volatility and improve price discovery. ( Read more )

  • Read about our efforts to educate crypto users in Africa. Our Binance Masterclass has provided free crypto education to over 400,000 Africans since its inception in January 2020. ( Read more )

Educational Bits From the Academy

  • Intro to QuickSwap. Get a crash course Quickswap, an automated market maker on the Polygon Network, and how it works in this helpful article. ( Read more )

  • Know your customer. Learn about KYC, also known as know-your-customer, and how it’s used to proactively combat criminal activity in the world of crypto. ( Read more )

  • Anti-money laundering. AML, also known as anti-money laundering, helps combat illegal movement and washing of money. Learn more about AML in this educational article. ( Read more )

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This Week at Binance: Aug 13 - 20, 2021
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