Change Log: Version 15.13

The Bitfinex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitfinex trading platform. For an overview of all previous changes, please refer to .

Version 15.13


  • Addition of tooltips for chart lines
  • Addition of ‘ Visible on hit ’ option on Order Form

Improvements (General)

  • New connection is created upon failure of the current connection
  • Disabled the addition of existing withdrawal addresses
  • Clickable theme colours in Account settings
  • Deposit tooltips and disabled buttons
  • Removal of withdrawal link when there is no available balance

Improvements (Bitfinex Pulse)

  • Fetch optimization
  • Clickable notification for new comments, likes and followers

Bug Fixes (General)

  • Fixed date picker within Derivatives’ analytics
  • Fixed default payment ID labels to use memo field
  • Fixed equivalent currencies in balances overlay for paper tokens

Bug Fixes (Bitfinex Pulse)

  • Fixed new title error
  • Fixed clicking Pulse should only navigate to Pulse when using primary mouse button

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Change Log: Version 15.13
DexStrats 6 September, 2021
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