Blockchain team at Bitpanda: Meet Ilker Icyüz, Blockchain Engineer at Bitpanda
Blockchain team at Bitpanda: Meet Ilker Icyüz, Blockchain Engineer at Bitpanda

Read on to learn how blockchain engineers at Europe’s most innovative fintech work towards a common goal through an interview with Ilker Icyüz, Blockchain Engineer at  Bitpanda.

Could you tell us about your start at Bitpanda?

When I started working at Bitpanda, it was a start-up with great potential. It was one of the few startups in Vienna which operated in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain space. I believed that working here would contribute to the company and myself. After my start, the warm working environment of the company made it easier for me to adapt, my colleagues were kind and helpful. Since then, I have learned a lot about blockchains and software development.

What does a typical day at Bitpanda look like for you?

In the Blockchain team, our tasks deal with all the blockchain-related operations in our system. We are responsible for maintaining and developing related solutions while adding support for more assets is part of our role, too. As our user count is growing, we’re working on making our system more efficient and capable of handling a higher load. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have barely been in the office. With some of our new colleagues, we haven’t even met in person yet. However, thanks to good dynamics and communication in our team, working from home didn’t affect our productivity and motivation.

What made you choose Bitpanda?

Before I joined Bitpanda, I was working in a bank but wanted to switch to engineering, where I had a bachelor’s degree. I was very interested in blockchain technology and wanted to improve myself in that area. I believed that Bitpanda was suitable for these purposes because it provides a working environment that supports creativity which always gives me further motivation. Another thing is that being part of a young, open-minded and dynamic team keeps you updated on new technological advances.

Where do you see blockchain engineering one year from now?

Blockchain is a developing technology. It will expand to new areas and be integrated into more sectors. Therefore, I believe that the demand for blockchain engineers will increase in the future. If someone wants to be a good blockchain engineer, not only they should be interested in the technology, but they should also educate themselves about the technical aspects of blockchain, its fundamentals, cryptography etc. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

Thank you

We’re on the lookout for those fast-moving, talented, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen” kind of people who want to build Bitpanda with us. If you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact right from day one, check out our current blockchain position and apply now! We’d love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead. Let’s go!

Blockchain team at Bitpanda: Meet Ilker Icyüz, Blockchain Engineer at Bitpanda
DexStrats 30 August, 2021
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