What is Conscious Crypto?

Conscious Capitalism is a concept that measures a company’s success not just by profit, but by positive impact on community. Conscious Crypto is similar – crypto with the end user in mind, not just profit.

At Bittrex, we’ve prioritized our end users and community in a few ways:

As a Seattle-based company, we are constantly looking out for our neighbors.  Through an employee matching effort we collected and matched $250,000 to FareStart and University of Washington Medicine, both to support COVID-19 efforts. Most recently, we joined the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) to fight human trafficking and further the positive impact digital currency can have globally.

One of our goals is to create a better economic system for all, and we know that doing this means addressing the day-to-day challenges our customers face individually and throughout their communities.  

We also know that keeping our end user in mind means prioritizing user privacy. Our team is always looking for ways to promote security, whether that’s through educational content on managing your online security or providing you with helpful tips to avoid phishing scams.

Conscious Crypto highlights the human element of crypto – you, our community. At Bittrex, we’re proud to prioritize our community, through donating to efforts we hold dear and prioritizing users’ daily needs to make life easier.

Join us. With your help we can expand the same focus on community and the end user not just our immediate communities, but to all those who experience economic hardship globally.

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