Starting 20-05-2019, Bitvavo users will be able to deposit, trade and withdraw Chainlink (LINK). The LINK-EUR and LINK-BTC markets will open on Wednesday, 22-05-2019 12:00 ECT.

Bitvavo users will soon be able to acquire Chainlink on the platform and the advanced trading interface. Users can already use Bitvavo to send, receive and store Chainlink. The Chainlink markets will open on Wednesday 22-05-2019, 12:00 ECT.

The recent years have shown rapid developments in the cryptocurrency space. Bitvavo aims to respond quickly to these developments, by offering a wide range of virtual assets to its users. Bitvavo will be one of the few exchanges where Europeans can instantly exchange Chainlink for euro.

By listing Chainlink, Bitvavo aims to contribute to innovations in the cryptocurrency environment by making innovative projects accessible to its users. It is now possible to easily buy Chainlink using SEPA, iDeal, Bancontact and numerous other payment methods.