We Are All Underestimating Bitcoin

The Thesis is Simple

  • $USD (US Dollar) is a broken measuring stick failing to measure the most important asset we have, TIME.

  • We are within the event horizon for hyperbitcoinization , and have crossed the point of no return.

  • “MONEY” as we know it is in the midst of a massive UPGRADE.

  • See chart below… “Central Banks Printing” may not be an issue CURRENTLY, but eventually this WILL catch up to us.



1. What is Money?

Money is simply a tool, a tool that is meant to represent our Time. If you work 40 hours a week, the money you earn is a representation of those 40 hours. “Money enables us to take what we have and trade it for what we need. Money at its fundamental level, is a gift from God. a Primary tool for human collaboration, a unique tool for the flourishing of a civilization.” TGFB

Because the money is broken we are underestimating the value of our TIME.


in $USD the S&P500 is at ALL TIME HIGHS!!!! yeah if ur using a broken measuring stick.

Price that same S&P500 against the FED’s balance sheet… and we get a completely different story … Price the same S&P500 against gold… and we topped out 20 years ago and have been trending down ever since.

Stocks are NOT at all time high (ATH) or “worth more”… you just need MORE DOLLARS to purchase that same unit…

A reason many of us have a hard time grasping bitcoin when first learning about it is because we don’t even understand or realize the implications that Money has in society or one’s environment.

Why do we even need money? At its core, money is just a way to store value, engage in trade, and explore preferences. A tool to make economic decisions.

We need a Good or “Sound” Money because it provides a stable bedrock for which human interactions can be built on top of. Without a stable foundation, we cannot make Sound decisions. If new RULES can be introduced at any moment without you or I’s input, then we are setup to lose with a shifting foundation. Our current system is built on sand with a shaky foundation.Since money is tied to almost every human interaction IT IS IMPERATIVE that the measuring stick we are using is as accurate as possible. Like many Bitcoiners, I would argue that the dollar as a measuring stick is slowly beginning to become an unreliable source. We are pushing the Limits of our Debt Society.

Now this doesn’t mean all markets go to 0 tomorrow!

But this does mean the Shift is UPON US. It is happening as we speak. Every asset on earth is slowly being repriced in Bitcoin terms.

Price the S&P500 against BITCOIN….. and its down 99% since bitcoin’s inception…

2. Our money The Dollar, is Broken

It is just simply not accurately representing the true value of the PEOPLE.

Because the money is broken we are underestimating the value of our TIME.

Because the money is broken we are selling ourselves short and not reaching our full potential of our labor.

Because the money is broken we languish under the false pretense we can get ahead, while the system is rigged against the common man.

The dollar is a broken measuring stick because instead of holding its value 1 to 1, over time the value is subject to debase. Over time the “purchasing power” of 1 US dollar becomes less and less. now its not an issue day to day, but year to year, decade to decade, that purchasing power becomes FAR less than when we originally worked to earn it . So now we have to work x% more just to earn the same amount of “dollars”. Working harder to purchase less. Add on top of this the money printing, and now we are extorting human society for the benefit of the few. Inflation is outright THEFT. They are STEALING OUR TIME.


A new Power structure comes along every few centuries. LIFE EVOLVES! Things CHANGE.


Monies are in constant competition with each other and will be until the end of time. Market participants will always converse towards the BEST money. There is a reason apples are not an efficient money or store of value. Fiat has been decreasing in Purchasing Power since its inception lol. Literally designed to lose value. WHY WOULD WE WANT TO STORE OUR HARD EARNED LABOR & TIME in a vehicle that is DESIGNED to DETERIORATE.

This is the game with FIAT. Money Printing to bail out irresponsible market participants DESTROYS the incentives of YOU and I. Why play if they get bailed out? while IF you or I run a business and make bad business decisions we go out of business. but when the banks made bad decisions they got BAILED OUT. they are changing the rules of the game to benefit THEM.


BITCOIN - a GAME OF RULES … NOT RULERS .. rules that YOU and I can verify for our own self instead of trusting the “HIGHER UPS”. ——- Dont Trust… VERIFY ——

3. Why BTC

Bitcoin is a non-sovereign, hard cap supply, global, immutable, decentralized, digital store of value and an insurance policy against monetary and fiscal irresponsibility from governments and central banks globally.

“BTC” has no country borders, it IS the internet (global).

It has a supply of ONLY 21 Million bitcoin. Only & FOREVER.


21 Million units that are Digitally verifiable by anyone running a computer! (no Trusted Third Parties or BANK!)

Bitcoin is Censorship Resistant (no government, central bank, dictator or authoritarian regime can DENY you access)

It is Permissionless (you don’t have to ASK anyone for permission to interact with BITCOIN, it is open to ALL)

No Third Party

Bitcoin operates 24/7/365 NO HOLIDAYS… 100% uptime during “COVID”

Bitcoin doesn’t discriminate.

Bitcoin is apolitical

Bitcoin is Human Rights

Bitcoin is Property Rights

Bitcoin is Freedom in the Digital Age

The Bitcoin System is Rooted in RULES, not RULERS!

BITCOIN IS FREEDOM MONEY . we must never forget, freedom is worth fighting for.


We Are All Underestimating Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Durable Portability Divisibility Recognizability SCARCITY

Bitcoin is a way to not only preserve our purchasing power into the future, not only let’s us stay at even, but even accelerate our purchasing power forward and grow our purchasing power in doing so.

There are over 40 Million Millionaires in the world, only 21 million bitcoin… so EVEN IF they all wanted to own just 1 coin… they cannot, this is why we are within hyperbitcoinization, we have billionaires on Twitter talking about BITCOIN.

On one hand we have the legacy system of petrodollars and centralized global hegemonies, and these systems are playing by different rules and are fomented by constant unrest. And on the other hand we have a FREE & OPEN monetary network that ALL citizens of earth are able to opt into if they so choose.

The Human race is beginning to find safety in an asset/currency/settlement layer that the Rules cannot change. They are etched in code, open for all people bearing an internet connection.

Whether it is billionaires, staking their claim on the Digital Land Grab (as a Store of Value) to small cities in El Salvador running Entirely on a Bitcoin Standard (as a Bridge Currency), to families in Nigeria using the bitcoin network as a remittance layer, cutting out the large fees from Western Union when sending money to family. Bitcoin has many faces, many use cases.

History is full of example of leaders in power of currencies destroying and debasing their own currency for their own benefit, Satoshi Noted this before Bitcoin even hit $1.

The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust ” Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin was born out of the Great Financial Crisis in 2008


Satoshi noticed how important having a set of rules that cannot be changed to benefit those in power would be , This is not how a sustainable system operates in nature. Nature cannot PRINT more food and Shelter. nothing is for free, so to be able to Print money out of thin air destroys the incentives for the rest fo society who has to actullay WORK for it. Bitcoin’s Proof Of Work incentive structure realigns us with nature and God’s grace.

Making things out of nothing/printing infinite money has repercussions.

Every currency that has reigned supreme atop “Global Reserve Status” has fallen… not only fallen but they have all been Debased, or slowly, deliberately “destroyed” . The track record of ALL currencies has shown that time and time again, those in control of the spigot siphon the wealth in their direction, Vastly sucking the supply of those not with the controlled force.


Sources: Marty Bent, Travis Kling, Anthony Scaramucci, Jack Mallers, Alex Gladstein, Vijay Boyapati, Erik Cason, Robert Breedlove, Michael Saylor, Satoshi, Ansel and KENT.

edited by @Bitmegs supported by Mitchatronious.

We Are All Underestimating Bitcoin
DexStrats 6 September, 2021
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