TON (TONCOIN) to be listed on EXMO

About TON

TON is the next-generation Layer-1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain capable of processing millions of transactions per second. TON enables the creation of fully decentralized and anonymous applications within its own ecosystem. The technology is based on blockchain introduced by Telegram in 2019, which is now maintained by the open TON Community.

The goal of TON is to connect all existing blockchains into a new unified network and to create a Web 3.0 internet which offers decentralized storage, anonymous network, instant payments, and other convenient services.


EXMO reminds users that cryptocurrency investments are not only high-rewarding but also involve high risk. For its part, EXMO does its utmost to ensure only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange. However, the company is not responsible for any losses incurred to traders, as a result of trading operations. Please remember that each trader is personally responsible when carrying out trades or choosing a project for investment.

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TON (TONCOIN) to be listed on EXMO
DexStrats 10 August, 2021
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