Amount too small for minimum

DCA "Amount too small for minimum" Errors

This happens when your hopper has a position that is trying to be DCA'd, but that position currently has a value lower than the minimum amount required to trade on your exchange, which is usually $10. So if the position was $10 worth of BTC, but has gone down in value and is now worth $7 in BTC, when the hopper tries to do a DCA order, it will be for the current value of that position, which is $7. So the hopper is trying to do a buy of $7 worth of BTC, but this is under the minimum amount per trade on your exchange.

Here are 4 different ways to tackle this problem:

1. Wait for the value of that position to go back up on it's own and patiently wait.

2. You can manually intervene and adjust the DCA Settings so the order goes through.

  • Go to your Config > Baseconfig > "Dollar Cost Averaging" settings and change "DCA Order Size" to "Triple Down" temporarily just so you can manually make that DCA order.

  • After setting the DCA Order Size to Triple Down, you should be able to make the DCA order manually on the position(s) that weren't going through, or the hopper will on it's own if you wait long enough.

  • Change the DCA Settings back to "Double Down" afterwards.

3. You can manually buy $10 worth of the coin that is failing to DCA in Cryptohopper, and then merge the two positions.

4. You can go into your exchange manually and sell/trade that coin. Be sure to remove the position from Cryptohopper once you sell/trade that coin that failed to DCA. 

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