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There are a bunch of factors that determine which strategy/template/signal setup would be most profitable for you, like your Cryptohopper subscription level, exchange, base currency, desired profit per trade, desired turnaround time, etc.

All of my strategies/templates/signals are profitable, but in general here is what I recommend based on your Cryptohopper subscription:

If you have a Hero Subscription on Cryptohopper, I recommend you look at the Profit Hero Strategy and Template I have, these two items have the highest maximum profit potential if you have a Hero Subscription and at least $1,000 worth of base currency in the hopper.

If you don't have a Hero Subscription, I recommend looking at my Profit Scalping Strategy and Template.

The Profit Scalping Signals are a good addition to a hopper regardless of the subscription level you have. The signals work very well on all exchanges with all base currencies, and you don't have to worry about configuring the signals, all you need to do is subscribe to them and let them do their work.

If you have a Hero Subscription:

Template: Profit Hero

Strategy: Profit Hero

Signals: Profit Hero Signals


Any other subscription:

Template:  Profit Scalping

Strategy:  Profit Scalping

Signals: Profit Scalping Signals

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